Construction industry

AMC Group LLC offers chemical ingredients for constructional materials production and delivers them directly to clients or sells them ex storehouse in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
Lacquer brand colloxylin corresponding to the requirements of GOST R 50461-92 is used for various constructional components production.
•    Nitrocellulose enamels for coating of metallic, wooden and other surfaces, used inside and outside buildings.
•    Pentaphtol enamels for coloration of metallic, wooden and other surfaces. Weather-proof coatings, characterized by good adhesion, high mechanical resistance.
•    Masonry paint of various colours for coloration of concrete and brick surfaces of building frontages and corresponding architectural constructions.
•    Polyvinyl-acetate adhesive is the mostly widespread product, having not an equal alternative, used as an adhesive element in water-dispersed paints and in construction for production of polymer-cement, polymer-concrete jointless surfacing, or as an adhesive for facing and ceramic floor tiles, as well as an adhesive for linoleum; in household chemicals PVA is used as a multipurpose adhesive for paper, cardboard, wood, laminboard, cotton fabric.  
•    Polyvinylchloride linoleum.
•    Cable elastron for isolation of wires, cables, polyvinylchloride tubes of different diameters used for protection and complementary isolation of current-carrying elements of various electrotechnical appliances.
Na-carboxymethylcellulose (trade mark KAMCEL) is used for production of the following goods:
•    wallpaper paper paste,
•    paint-and-lacquer materials,
•    dry constructional mixtures,
•    adhesives for ferroconcrete items production.

AMC Group LLC deals permanently with kitting of paint-and-lacquer materials of the leading Russian producers for organization of consignments and accomplishment of state orders concerning constructional and petrochemical industry of the Republic Uzbekistan.

AMC Group LLC is planning assortment expansion enlarging the range of the goods produced in Russia and abroad with participation in dealership nets with large factories and holdings.