Polyanionic cellulose

Sodium-carboxymethylcellulose, technical grade.Polyanionic cellulose (PAC)
Technical characteristics of Na-CMC and PAC – trade mark “KAMCEL” Technical Regulations № 2231-002-50277563-2000

AppearanceFine-grained friable material from white to beige colour
Water content, %, maximum1010
Substitution in carboxymethyl groups90-11090-110
CMC purity in absolutely dry technical product, %:
For the grade «Standard» minimum--
For the grade «Extra» minimum65
Polymeriza-tion Degree 300-500700-1000
Water solubility CMC in absolutely dry technical product, %, minimum97
Hydrogen ions activity (pH), in water solution of 2% CMC concentration at t 200С6,5-11
CMC viscosity according to Brookfield regulations in 2% solution. (200С), мPа-sAccording to client’s requirements

The product is packed in polypropylene  sacks of 16,7 kg, 20 kg and 25 kg; put on Euro-pallet  (1,04m х 1,3m х 1,5m, total mass – 1ton), and covered by shrink film.

Each shipment contains a quality certificate.

The goods are explosive and fire-hazardous.

Application of NA-CMC (Sodium-carboxymethylcellulose, technical grade):

In gas-and-oil producing industry – CMC is a filtrate agent and serves to give rheological properties to drilling muds.

·         In mining industry – in floatation concentration of copper-nickel and sylvinite ore. 

  • In production of synthetic detergents and household chemicals – as a dispersing agent.
  • In paper industry – for hardening and for increasing paper printing quality.
  • In construction industry – in production of glues, paint-and-lacquer materials, dry building mixes, binder in ferroconcrete items production.
  • In textile industry – for making fibers wear-proof and flexible. 
  • In production of cosmetics and perfumes - as a thickener.

Application of PAC (polyanionic cellulose):


·         PAC-LV functioning as a filtrate agent is effective in fresh water mud as well as in salt-saturated mud.  

·         PAC-MV is used as a filtrate agent in mud, not influencing viscosity.  

·         PAC-HV is used for filtration and viscosity regulation of drilling mud.  


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