Magnetic influence indicators

AMC Group LLC produces magnetic influence indicators “AMC IN”, a unique item that allows to secure from theft of cold and hot water, electricity, gas and heat by influence on measuring equipment with constant and alternating magnetic (electric) fields.

Indicator “AMC IN” is a passive visualizer that reacts on external magnetic fields. Depending on magnetic field strength (or distance from the source of magnetic field), the surface of the indicator changes form and color of geometrical figures. Inconvertible changes appear in case of influence by magnetic field over 100 mT; in case of influence by magnetic field over 500 mT, figures’ outlines disappear completely.

Each indicator has a holder that allows to install it both inside and outside the objects that can be influenced by magnetic fields. It can be completed with special stickers that are destroyed if the indicator is removed from the surface.

According to special requirements, form, quantity, dimensions of geometrical figures on visualizer and sensibility of indicators can be changed.

Surface preparation

Magnetic detectors are suitable for the smooth surfaces of meters, which made of glass, plastic, metal (incl. varnished coatings). The surface should be dry, clean and degreased by ethanol (or extraction gasoline) before attaching.

Application АМС IN detectors for outer surface mounting.

Detach detector with tamper-evident label from silicon paper (be careful not to touch the adhesive layer with your fingers). Do not allow the adhesive layer to become contaminated with dust or dirt. Apply the label to the surface with firm finger pressure to exclude air from behind the adhesive layer. In the case of roughness, wrinkles or etc use a silicon spatula, select the softest spatula possible and do not use excessive pressure. Tamper-evident label will reveal a "Void" message on both the label material and mating surface when the label is removed.

Additional information

In the case of low light conditions, use flashlight for the illuminating АМС IN detector. Directing light beam at aprox. 300 angle to the surface makes figures more contrast. If magnetic detector is installed in inaccessible place, use flashlight and compact mirror.

AMC IN detector does not need any extra supplies (flashlight and etc.).

The small and compact detector is available in various designs and is ideally suited for the applications with limited available space.

Service Temperature -400F to 2500F (-400C to 1210C).

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